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Top 10 Data Analytics Solution Companies- 2022

In today’s increasingly digital world, most industries are moving towards digital technology to manage the market chaos. Competition is driving business operations to converge towards similar benchmarks. Quality business decision-making is the primary means to out-perform the competition. Businesses are increasingly pushing decision-making to be more analytics-driven. Data analytics capabilities are reaching newer heights and data volume is expanding unprecedentedly. Companies are developing sophisticated algorithms and improving computational power as well. The developments of analytics will become more apparent as its adoption achieves maturity. A major surge of change is looming on the horizon to give firms unparalleled capabilities to ponder and solve problems. Businesses mobilizing these capabilities can create value and distinguish themselves from their counterparts.

Moreover, the use of artificial intelligence is allowing enterprises to record and analyse a large amount of business data and understand customer requirements and preferences. This is resulting in increased investments in AI-run platforms and visualization processes. Besides, enterprises are putting better effort into seamlessly integrating data platforms such as easy-to-understand visualization boards within an enterprise that is subsequently helping self-service analytics tools in reaching newer horizons. The confluence of these trends is fuelling analytics advances, business disruptions, and the evolution of data analytics towards becoming a core business form rather than a secondary process.

In conclusion, the data analytics landscape is flooded with diverse solutions and technologies, thus zeroing in on the apt one remains a gruelling task for a CIO. To stride on the right path, CIOReview APAC Magazine has become the choragus in the data analytics landscape. Our distinguished selection panel of CIOReview APAC Magazine has narrowed the excellent providers that exhibit competence in delivering data analytics solutions.

We present to you CIOReview APAC’s "Top 10 Data Analytics Solutions Providers - 2022."

    Top Data Analytics Solution companies

  • Lynx Analytics is the ideal partner to help retailers harness data analytics to predict and improve business outcomes such as customer experience, sales effectiveness, and customer lifetime value. For this, the company offers off-the-shelf software products that incorporate the latest AI and machine-learning techniques as well as consulting services for retailers to generate data-driven customer insights that can be put into action immediately


  • Selerity, a managed service provider, focuses on increasing the overall productivity of organizations by helping them leverage the power of SAS software.


  • Sprint Milestone is an advisory firm that provides services in data analytics and analytic management. The founders of Sprint Milestone have over 80 years of experience in customer and operation analytics with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore supporting customers across Asia Pacific. Unlike many other boutique consulting firms, its team has worked in large analytic organizations and major financial institutions prior to joining the firm. Therefore, Sprint Milestone understands the client's challenges and has first hand experience in embedding analytics into their daily operation to achieve their revenue and cost targets.


  • Chinalytics


    Chinalytics is a leading Beijing based full-service digital marketing firm, providing a broad range of services and solutions for marketing, technology, data and analytics navigating global companies through China’s market landscape. With a global office in Vancouver, Canada and offices across the APAC region, their team is ready to fully support every business journey. The Chinalytics team is helping transform how global enterprises use and organize data to drive top ROI. Their work and their clients can be found across a variety of different industries that spread across the APAC region and beyond

  • Counect International Technology

    Counect International Technology

    Beijing Hubang International Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise focusing on comprehensive retail formats, providing customers with overall solutions for sales data collection and intelligent analysis services. The mutual help data acquisition product adopts the self-developed and globally patented bus plug-in monitoring technology, covering the monitoring of receipt printers, interactive equipment, machine cargo lanes and coin-operated devices; sales data analysis services (Core system) include business management, Merchant operation, consumer shopping guide and point application and other products

  • Harmonic Analytics Limited

    Harmonic Analytics Limited

    Harmonic Analytics is a leading data science company based in New Zealand. They work with global partners and clients. With a focus on quality and integrity, the company aims to help its clients make the best decisions at the right time. Their team is distinguished by its deep analytical abilities and technical expertise combined with hands-on commercial experience. They are passionate about helping business leaders, managers and operational teams make the most of their data. The company’s work is proof that analytics has the power to change the world for the better

  • id/x partners

    id/x partners

    id/x partners was established in 2002 by ex-bankers and management consultants who have vast experiences in credit cycle and process management, scoring development, and performance management. Their combined experience has served corporations across Asia and Australia regions and in multiple industries, specifically financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and retail. id/x partners provides consulting services that specializes in utilizing data analytics and decisioning (DAD) solutions combined with an integrated risk management and marketing discipline to help clients optimize the portfolio profitability and business process. Comprehensive consulting service and technology solutions offered by id/x partners makes it a one-stop service provider



    Since its founding in 2005, INSIGHT LAB is a group of engineers who have consistently faced data utilization and continue to provide new value to society. The current company name, which was changed in 2018, expresses what they want to be, [Laboratory (= LAB) that gives insight into the hearts of customers (= INSIGHT)]. Therefore, they can use the data-related education and human resource development know-how that the company has cultivated so far to create opportunities for career changes for people who suddenly lost their jobs, and to play an active role as cutting-edge IT human resources throughout Japan and around the world

  • OniGroup


    Founded in 2006, Oni is a multi award winning, Google Premier Partner and business technology specialist. They enable over thousands of clients in over 50 countries with solutions used by over 250 million people. With offices in London, Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok and Jakarta we empower businesses with technology solutions everyday. They strive to reduce the complexity of adopting advanced technology solutions by educating leaders on how to architect future-proof systems to promote autonomy and agility. Additionally, their innovative custom knowledge layers and products are built on top of Google's powerful enterprise suite of Google Cloud, Google Maps, Google Workspace and Google Analytics technologies enabling Oni to deliver transformative solutions on a global scale across wide reaching key verticals

  • Zetaris


    Zetaris was founded in 2013 and from the outset, they built a disruptive technology stack and assembled a team of highly experienced data scientists and developers. Based on the industry expertise and knowledge of their team, Zetaris was built to be the next generation enterprise database and analytics platform. They are passionate about being at the forefront of the analytics technology field. The company’s software is trusted by thousands of users, connected to hundreds-of-thousands of data sources, and solving millions of customers' data problems worldwide

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